The online interactive magazine of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to bring the brand new Interactive AI Magazine to you.

This journey began almost exactly four years ago when AAAI recruited me as the Editor-in-Chief of AI Magazine ( that has been called the “journal of record for the AI community”. About that time I proposed that AAAI also start a digital and expanded version of AI Magazine. Fortunately, AAAI supported this vision right from the start.

Over time our vision went through many revisions. As just one example, contributions from AI Topics ( and other AAAI-supported sources became more important to the interactive magazine. In 2019, AAAI allocated considerable resources for building the Interactive AI Magazine, recruited Ida Camacho as an editorial assistant, and hired CareTecher LLC to develop the software infrastructure. These efforts resulted in the current version of the interactive magazine.

Interactive AI Magazine is very much a work in progress. For example we plan to add multimedia such as blogs and podcasts, and make the website much more interactive, for example, by enabling commentary on posted articles. Most of the materials on the Interactive AI Magazine website are open access, though some articles currently require AAAI membership. We hope that over time the interactive magazine will become a more accessible and complete “journal of record of the AI community.”

I want to thank the editorial teams of AI Magazine and Interactive AI Magazine (see I especially want to thank AAAI’s former President Yolanda Gil and current President Bart Selman for their support. AI Topics and CareTecher have been critical to the construction of the interactive magazine. Finally. Ida has been instrumental in both designing the magazine and curating its contents.

We welcome your suggestions and look forward to your contributions. Thank you.

Portrait image of Dr Ashok GoelYours sincerely,
Ashok Goel
Editor, AAAI’s AI Magazine and Interactive AI Magazine