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The Seventeenth International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2021): A Report

Juan Carlos Augusto, Philippe Lalanda, Massimo Mecella

Intelligent Environments are populated with numerous devices and have multiple occupants, inherently exhibit increasingly intelligent behaviour, support consistent functionality and human-centric operation (humans, as opposed to mere users, have increased requirements from a system, including, for example, intuitive interaction, protection of privacy, fault-tolerance etc.), and provide optimized resource usage. The development of Intelligent Environments is considered the first and primary step towards the realization of the Ambient Intelligence vision and requires input from research and contributions from several scientific and engineering disciplines, including computer science, software engineering, artificial intelligence, architecture, social sciences, art and design. The series of IE conferences have been consistently creating a unique blend of researchers in these disciplines, fostering cross-disciplinary discussions, debate and collaborations.