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AAAI is pleased to announce the winners of the recent AAAI Special Awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, held virtually May 16-21, 2021. The winners of the AAAI honors were:

  • First Prize of $1,500: Michelle Hua (Cranbrook Kingswood School, Michigan, USA) for Dilated Silhouette Convolutional Neural Network: A Novel Deep Learning Framework for Real-time Human Action Recognition
  • Second Prize of $1,000: Leo Wylonis (Conestoga High School, Pennsylvania, USA) for Novel Fully MRI Compatible Nonmagnetic and Dielectric Pneumatic Servo Motor for MRI Guided Surgical Robotics
  • Third Prize of $500: Gasser Galal and Mostafa Abdelmohymen (Elnasr Boys’ School, Alexandria, Egypt) for Utilizing Computer Vision and Machine Learning Systems to Develop an Algorithm Helping Physically Disabled People to Use Computer

Honorable Mention went to the following students:

  • Victor Kolev (Sofia High School of Mathematics, Sofia, Bulgaria) for Neural Abstract Reasoner
  • Nikhil Iyer (Edgewood Junior Senior High School, Merritt Island, Florida, USA) for Novel Architectures for the Artificial Neural Network: Implementation of Virtual Neurotransmitters
  • I-Ning Tsai (Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School, Taipei City, Chinese Taipei) for Non-invasive Autonomous Anemia Screening Using Conjunctival Images
  • Robert Strauss (Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA) for Neuroromorphic Computing: Simulating the Brain’s Visual Cortex for a Faster, More Efficient Computer
  • Daniel Shen (William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) for Development of an AI-Powered Facial-cue Control Module

AAAI wishes to thank Stephen F. Smith (Head Judge), Jayanth Mogali, and Jean Oh, all of Carnegie Mellon University, who served as AAAI’s judges at the event, for their generous donation of time and effort.

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