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ICPRAM 2021 Report Header

ICPRAM 2021 (10th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods) received 97 paper submissions from 30 countries. To evaluate each submission, a double‐blind paper review was performed by the Program Committee. After a stringent selection process, 21 papers were published and presented as full papers, i.e. completed work (12 pages/25’ oral presentation), 53 papers were accepted as short papers (28 as oral presentation and 25 as poster presentation).

ICPRAM’s program included three invited talks delivered by internationally distinguished speakers, namely:

  • Julian Fierrez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain (Distinguished IAPR Speaker)
  • Title: Biases, Discrimination, and Fairness in Biometrics and Beyond;
  • Cornelia Fermüller, University of Maryland, United States
  • Title: 3D Motion Analysis with Event‐based Sensors;
  • Marco Gori, University of Siena, Italy
  • Title: The Principle of Least Cognitive Action in Vision.

The papers were organized in thirteen parallel sessions ranging from areas such as Machine Learning Methods; Deep Learning and Neural Networks; Classification and Clustering; Natural Language Processing; Theory and Methods; Methods and Applications; and Image and Video Analysis and Understanding.

The organizing committee included the ICPRAM Conference Chair: Ana Fred, Instituto de Telecomunicações and University of Lisbon, Portugal; and the Program Co‐Chairs: Maria De Marsico, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy; and Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, Italian National Research Council CNR, Italy.

Additionally, the conference organization assigned four awards during the conference to testify the value of the best contributions. The winning papers were chosen by the Program/Conference Chairs based on the best combination of review marks, assessed by the Program Committee, and of paper presentation quality, assessed by Session Chairs and Program Chairs during the sessions. For this edition, the winning papers were:

  • Best Paper Award
    • “Active Region Detection in Multi‐spectral Solar Images” by Majedaldein Almahasneh, Adeline Paiement, Xianghua Xie and Jean Aboudarham
  • Best Student Paper Award’
    • “FLIC: Fast Lidar Image Clustering” by Frederik Hasecke, Lukas Hahn and Anton Kummert.
  • Best Poster Award
    • “Knowledge Acquisition on Team Management Aimed at Automation with Use of the System of Organizational Terms” by Olaf Flak.
  • Best Industrial Paper Award “Improved HTM Spatial Pooler with Homeostatic Plasticity Control” by Damir Dobric, Andreas Pech, Bogdan Ghita and Thomas Wennekers.

After a successful 2021 edition, ICPRAM 2022 will be held via Online Streaming, from 3 to 5 of February, 2022. For more updated information, please visit the conference website