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AAAI-21 New Faculty Highlights: Call for Participation

This year, AAAI is launching a new invited speaker program highlighting AI researchers who have just begun careers as new faculty members or the equivalent in industry. Applications will be adjudicated by a committee consisting of the AAAI-21 chairs and a diverse group of AAAI Fellows.

Patrick Henry Winston: A Recollection

by Kenneth D. Forbus, Northwestern University

I first met Patrick when I started working at the MIT AI Lab in Fall of1973.  I was a freshman, doing a project with David Marr that was a step on the path to the Primal Sketch.  It was like a dream come true to work there. At the time, Patrick had just taken over as director, despite being an assistant professor. This was an unusual burden, but he handled it well, ensuring that it ran more smoothly while maintaining an exciting intellectual environment.

Adaptive Learning Technologies

Adaptive Learning Technologies

By Nicola Capuano & Santi Caballe

In his annual survey, the learning technology expert Donald Taylor asks more than 2,000 industry experts from different countries to estimate the most popular topics in workplace learning1. Since 2017, adaptive learning has always been at the top of this ranking, barely overtaken by learning analytics only in 2020. From the higher education perspective, the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report 20182 included adaptive learning among the six most impactful educational technologies in the five-year horizon for higher education. This is confirmed by a recent survey3 where many chief academic officers consider adaptive learning as one of the most promising initiatives for improving the quality of student learning.

Will Machine Learning Outgrow Human Labeling?

Will Machine Learning Outgrow Human Labeling?

by Mike Schaekermann, Christopher M. Homan, Lora Aroyo, Praveen Paritosh, Kurt Bollacker, Chris Welty

Some machine learning (ML) rhetoric seems to imply an assumption or expectation that, at some point, machines will outgrow the need for human labeled data. Today’s reliance on such labeling is a sort of dirty little secret of AI, and some view it as a necessary means to a larger end. This bet is an attempt to formalize that attitude into a concrete question, whose answer can be measured over time.