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At the SEI AI Division, we conduct research in applied artificial intelligence and the engineering challenges related to the practical design and implementation of AI technologies and systems. We currently lead a community-wide movement to mature the discipline of AI Engineering for Defense and National Security.

As our government customers adopt AI and machine learning to provide leap-ahead mission capabilities, we

Discover and define the processes, practices, and tools to support operationalizing AI for human-centered, robust, secure, and scalable mission capabilities

Identify and investigate emerging AI and AI-adjacent technologies that are rapidly transforming the technology landscape

Position Summary:  You will lead and direct our AI Engineering research and technology portfolio that matches critical U.S. government needs.



Technical Leadership and Portfolio Management: You have created, grown, and led research and advanced technology initiatives and portfolios. You have mentored, managed, and led teams of researchers and technology developers.

Deep Technical Knowledge: You have performed and led extensive research and development in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, data science, data engineering, or related fields. You have knowledge and experience with modern tools, methods, software, frameworks, and programming languages related to AI. You maintain awareness of new ideas and capabilities that come from the rapid and continuously evolving field of AI.

Engineering Mindset: You have a solid understanding of practical engineering challenges for realizing the promise and power of artificial intelligence and have specific ideas on how to establish, develop, and advance an AI Engineering discipline through a community-based approach.

Defense and National Security Experience: You have broad awareness of the defense and national security community and are comfortable identifying and interacting with customers and stakeholders across this community. You have a working knowledge of special challenges and requirements for the reliable, scalable, and responsible development, adoption, and use of AI capabilities across the wide range of missions in defense and national security.

Research and Advanced Technology Practices: You have a track record that includes leading research, applying scientific methods, and developing advanced technologies. You have a reputation for the highest level of integrity. You have demonstrated technical contributions, and you have showcased your work across multiple fields.

Technical Awareness and Engagement: You are familiar with various AI research and practitioner communities and have experience engaging, shaping, and learning from a diversity of perspectives across these communities.



Research, Development, and Engineering Leadership: You will develop, lead, and oversee a portfolio of projects to advance the discipline of AI Engineering.

Strategy: You will lead the process to plan, develop, and carry out an overall research and technology development strategy, and influence the national research agenda on the processes, practices, and tools to promote mature AI Engineering.

Customer and Innovation Community Engagement: You will engage with customers and stakeholders. You will represent the SEI’s AI Engineering portfolio, regularly presenting our work at collaboration venues and to customers. You will build and maintain relationships with the DoD innovation and technology ecosystem, including relevant engineering, research, and technology development communities.


Knowledge, Skills/Abilities:

Communication and Collaboration: You are an exceptional communicator and can interact collaboratively and diplomatically with customers and colleagues at all levels of experience and knowledge. You grasp the big picture, direction, and goals of an effort while having the natural ability to dig into the details on problems and technical concepts and provide clear direction. You can present complex ideas to people who may not have a deep understanding of the subject area.

Knowledge and Learning: You possess broad technical interests along with deep knowledge and experience across various AI related fields such as computer vision, data science and machine learning, advanced computing, human-machine teaming, and autonomy.



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Contact Instructions: Please contact Bill Scully at [email protected]

Other: Great benefits and professional development through Carnegie Mellon University

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